President's Quilt

One of the FUN traditions of Surfside Quilters Guild is to make a quilt for the outgoing President in recognition of their years of service. Click on the link to select the quilt activities you wish to view.

Instructions for the President's Quilt for Mary Mulcahey: Click HERE for the instructions.

Mary Arter

Debbie Myers, 2022-2023

Mary Arter

Mary Arter, 2021-2022

Monica Shafer

Mary Arter, 2020-2021

Monica Shafer

Monica Shafer, 2019-2020

Monica Shafer

Monica Shafer, 2019-2020

Becky McDaniel

Becky McDaniel, 2018-2019

Linda Rigdon

Linda Rigdon, 2017-2018

Betty Collins

Betty Collins, 2016-2017

Odette Osantowski

Odette Osantowski, 2015-2016

Linda Ambrosini

Linda Ambrosini, 2014-2015

Vickie Janis

Vickie Janis, 2013-2014

Jan Hirth

Jan Hirth, 2012-2013

Joann Bishop, 2011-2012

Sharon Whelan

Sharon Whelan, 2010-2011

Nancy Ota

Nancy Ota, 2009-2010

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