Jan Hirth 2013

Photos of the President's Quilt made in 2013 for Jan Hirth are shown below.

2013 - President's Quilt for Jan Hirth

Quilt for President Jan Hirth.

Jan Hirth requested that members make blocks that represented themselves, Jan made her own block too.

Hand appliqué by Mary Freedman.

President Jan Hirth 2012/13, hand appliqué by Nancy Ota.

Organized by Past President, Joann Bishop.

Past President Joann Bishop led the creation of Jan's quilt.

General meeting display.

Judy Dunlap sent her block from Maryland.

Blocks by "Special Delivery" received by Nancy Bloyer.

Nancy Bloyer with Ella.

Cindy Croucher; Guest (Barbara DeGroot's daughter), Kerry Joho, Carolie Malenius, Odette Osantowski.

Cindy Croucher.

Del Thomas, Lyndy Dye, Sheri Hill.

Janet Shannon.

Guest, Jeanne Tavasci, Cecile Rogers, Odette Osantowski signs her block.

Jeanne Tavasci.

Nancy Bloyer collecting blocks.

Kathie Bellamy.

Sara Jane Self, Cecile Rogers, Annice Douglas.

Susanne Troise.

Anapatricia Najera Higareda.

Guest, Sara Jane Self, Cecile Rogers.

Julie Maben, Webmaster.

Leslie Butterworth, Cecile Rogers, Jan Kemp, Sara Jane Self.

Cecile Rogers.

Preparing to paint the rainbow for the backart.

Clouds for participants' signatures.

Nancy Ota and Marjie Butterworth painting the rainbow backart.

Marjie Butterworth.

Rainbow drying.

Joann Bishop calculating.

Nancy Ota adding a bit to the header.

Nancy Ota.

Odette Osantowski collecting a row to be sewn.

Odette Osantowski.

Placement decisions.

Mary Freedman, Joann Bishop and Odette Osantowski sewing.

Sewers, Mary Freedman, Nancy Ota, Odette Osantowski.

Mary Freedman sewing rows.

Top is nearly completed.

Basting, Nancy Bloyer, Joann Bishop, Mary Freedman.

Mary Freedman.

Quilt Bee Schedule.

Linda Rigdon.

Quilting Bee at Sheri Hill's; Betty Collins, Linda Rigdon, Sheri Hill, Jan Kemp, Nafsi Martin, Vickie Janis.

Vickie Janis.

Quilting Bee at Sheri Hill's; Linda Rigdon, Nafsi Martin, Ruth Johnson, Sheri Hill, Betty Collins, Katy Lillie, Jan Kemp.

Jan Kemp, Barbara Seidel, Joann Bishop.

Sue Richardson and Barbara Seidel.

Quilting Bee at Maggie Bell's. Maggie Bell, Janice Elliott, Lynn Tweet.

Maggie Bell.

Jan Ritchie, Maggie Bell, Lynn Tweet, Carol Mayer, Janice Elliott.

Janice Elliott, Carol Mayer, Jan Ritchie, Maggie Bell, Lynn Tweet.

Sharon Pembrook, Emily Lamond, Sharon Whelan, Maggie Bell, Jackie Buck, Kathy Archard.

Janice Elliott, Jan Ritchie, Kathy Archard, Carol Mayer, Bette Bradley, Sherry Muetzel.

Kathy Archard.

Katy Lillie, Nafsi Martin, Barbara Ann Christensen.

Quilting Bee at Connie Veldkamp; Connie Veldkamp, Nancy Bloyer, Ursula Hartunian, Nafsi Martin.

Nafsi Martin.

Quilting Bee at Monica Shafer's; Monica Shafer, Margaret Arnold, Edie Long, Linda Rigdon, Robin Free.

Monica Shafer.

Hiroko Moriwaki.

Quilting Bee at Monica Shafer's: Hiroko Moriwaki, Ruth Johnson, Mimi Harris.

Mimi Harris.

Close up of quilting at Monica Shafer's.

Edie Long, Linda Rigdon, Robin Free, Monica Shafer, Margaret Arnold.

Quilting Bee at Joann Bishop's; Joann Bishop and Cora Schmitt.

Sharon Whelan, Cora Schmitt, Joan Provance, Wendy McCalley.

Diane Collins, Joan Orris, Joan Provance, Wendy McCalley.

Wendy McCalley.

Katy Lillie, Helene Moser.

Quilting Bee at Phyllis Parente's; Jan Bojikes, Nafsi Martin, Helene Moser, Phyllis Parente.

Jan Kemp added the binding.

Presentation by Past President, Joann Bishop to outgoing President Jan Hirth.

Ted and Jan Hirth.

Backart created by Marjie Butterworth, Nancy Ota, Sherry Muetzel, Diane Collins, Joann Bishop.

Diane Collins.

Miniatures by Sherry Muetzel and Joann Bishop, Ladies by Joann Bishop, appliquéd by Diane Collins.

Jan Hirth, Del Thomas, Nancy Ota inspecting the quilt.

Proudly hanging in Jan's sewing room.

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