Becky McDaniel 2019

Photos of the President's Quilt made in 2019 are shown below.

2019 - President's Quilt for Becky McDaniel

There were many sewers, here is Charlotte sewing the last seam.

Big thanks to Mary Freedman for giving us time in her fabulous sewing studio to assemble and baste.

Nancy Pestal, Betty Collins, Odette Osantowski, Linda Rigdon, Wendy McCalley, and Vickie Janis taking a little time to share.

Charlotte Runyan and Vickie Janis finishing the last bit of pressing.

Wendy McCalley and Odette Osantowski holding up the finished top! Fabulous. Banner by Jan Hirth, Tania Owens, and Nancy Ota.

Betty Collins, Wendy McCalley, Linda Rigdon, Nancy Ota, Nancy Pestal, Charlotte Runyan, Odette Osantowski, Vickie Janis, and Mary Freedman…celebrating.

Linda Rigdon, Vickie Janis, Mary Freedman, Nancy Pestal, Wendy McCalley, and Odette Osantowski basting the quilt layers. Legacy wool batt from Mary Freedman’s stash.

Back art created by Lyndy Dye and Nancy Ota.

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