Joann Bishop 2012

Photos of the President's Quilt made in 2012 are shown below.

2012 - President's Quilt for Joann Bishop

Past President Sharon Whelan led the creation of the quilt for outgoing President Joann Bishop.

Joann Bishop requested a theme of houses. Sharon Whelan is providing patterns, suggestions and examples.


Basting at Sewing Party in Laguna Hills-Cecile Rogers, Sharon Whelan, Judy Dunlap, and Monica Shafer.

Quilting Bee at Barbara Trulis': Mary Mulcahey, Emily LaMond, Barbara Seidel and Barbara Ann Christensen.

LeAnn Goettel and Jan Hirth.

Quilting Bee at Nancy Bloyer's; Linda Rigdon (right) keeps Hiroko Moriwaki "in stitches".

Nancy Bloyer, Monica Shafer, Mary Gorelick, Linda Rigdon, Hiroko Moriwaki.

Hiroko Moriwaki and Nancy Bloyer with Linda Rigdon (seated).

Nancy Ota, Quilting Bee Hostess Nancy Bloyer and Maggie Bell.

Maggie Bell, Past President Sharon Whelan and Nancy Bloyer.

Maggie Bell and Emily LaMond add their loving stitches!

Quilting Bee at Jeanne Tavasci's; Cecile Rogers threading needles for the quilters.

Emily LaMond, Sharon Whelan, Hiroko Moriwaki, Jeanne Tavasci, Jan Kemp, Cecile Rogers, Odette Osantowski.

Cecile Rogers and Jeanne Tavasci.

Emily La Mond and Mary Jane Bellamy.

Quilting Bee at Maggie Bell's; Maggie Bell, Jackie Buck, Mary Gorelick, Judy Dunlap, Jane Salem.

The finished quilt.

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