Sharon Whelan 2011

Photos of the President's Quilt for Sharon Whelan in 2011 are shown below.

2011 - President's Quilt for Sharon Whelan

Finished front 59" x 69".

The traditional quilt for the outgoing President of Surfside Quilters Guild. Theme: Beach. Color: Bright.

Joyce Conyers, Mary McKinney, Jean Bull, Irmgard Terbrack, Glenda Razor and Judy de Gruy. Jean Bull (center in red) is assisting by collecting and ha

Cecile Rogers hangs her colorful pieced fish block.

2/15/11 Nancy Bloyer and January (guide dog in training) open their home for the trimming session.

Trimming blocks to 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 are Mary Freedman, Carol Whiteside, Maggie Bell, Joann Bishop, Barbara Seidel.

This is fun! Mary Freedman and Carol Whiteside.

Maggie Bell and Joann Bishop.

Barbara Seidel, Nancy Ota, Mary Freedman, Carol Whiteside.

Nancy Ota prepares to paint the back.

Back is drying.

Diane Collins created umbrellas for signatures for the backart.

Marcia Faultersack and Lyndy Dye collected blocks in March.

Maggie Bell and Hiroko Moriwaki trimmed blocks at Nancy Ota's, March 8.

Janis Schonfeld and Sheri Hill also trimmed blocks.

March 9 at Mary Freedman's studio, Judy Dunlap is placing blocks on the design wall.

Marjie Butterworth, Mary Freedman and Maggie Bell making placement decisions.

Joann Bishop and Odette Osantowski are placing blocks.

We are thinking this looks pretty good.

Designated row numbers.

Barbara McFarland, Janis Schonfeld, Maggie Bell and Marjie Butterworth pinning each row.

Janis Schonfeld pinning.

Marjie Butterworth pinning and Barbara McFarland helping a sewer.

Mary Freedman, Joann Bishop and Odette Osantowski.

Nancy Ota and Hiroko Moriwaki.

Busy sewers, Nancy Ota, Hiroko Moriwaki and Janis Schonfeld.

Judy Dunlap getting ready to press the row.

Barbara McFarland, Hiroko Moriwaki, Janis Schonfeld and Maggie Bell signing the backart.

Okay, time to break for lunch, Marjie Butterworth.

Nice lunch break on Mary Freedman's patio, some wanted shade.


Some wanted sun.


Beautiful day at Mary's.

We all wanted dessert by Mary.



Yummy! Judy Dunlap and Mary Freedman.

Back to stitching, Joann Bishop.

Odette Osantowski is sewing the rows together.

Hiroko Moriwaki.

Maggie Bell and Mary Freedman, thrilled at the progress.

Judy Dunlap more pressing.

Thanks to Mary and David Freedman for allowing us to use their beautiful home.

We began at 10 am and by 2 pm the top was sewn. Joann Bishop and David Freedman placed it back on the design wall for us to admire.

David, Odette and Marjie.

2 pm

Mary, Maggie, Marjie, Judy, Hiroko, Nancy, Joann and Odette marvel at quilt by our talented members.


The painted backside and possible placement of the signature umbrellas.

Back at Mary Freedman's to baste the quilt. Nancy Bloyer, Mary Freedman and Becky Reed.

Mary Freedman threading basting needles and putting them into her giant pin cushion.

Nancy Bloyer and Mary Freedman.

Basting by hand, Barbara Ann Christensen, Becky Reed, Sharon Dowlan and Nancy Bloyer.

Becky Reed, Mary Freedman, Nancy Ota, Barbara Ann Christensen, Sharon Dowlan, Nancy Bloyer.

Nancy Bloyer, Becky Reed, Barbara Ann Christensen, Sharon Dowlan and Mary Freedman.

Becky Reed attaching the quilt to the frame bar.

Rolling the rail, Becky Reed and Nancy Ota.

Set and stand

Nancy Bloyer has the quilt, all rolled up and on the rails.

The first quilt bee was hostessed by Nancy Bloyer. The first guest was Kathie Bellamy.

Quilt Bee Hostess Barbara Trulis.

Bee Hostess Nafsi Martin in her garden.

Another bee hostessed by Nafsi Martin. Attending are Linda Walters, Sumi Maruyama and Judy.

Judy deGruy, Joyce Conyers, Glenda Razor, Ardie Chamness, Sumi Maruyama and Linda Walters.

Jeanne Tavasci, Phyllis Parente, Jan Hirth, Sharon Dowlan.

Chris Huben, Mary Freedman, Mariann Thurman, Kathy Stewart.

Bee Hostess Connie Veldkamp.

Sheryl Smith-Bailey, Priscilla Hackbarth, Jane Salem.

Quilt Bee Hostess, Sheri Hill.

Quilting Bee hostess Maggie Bell.

Wendy McCalley came to add her stitches.

Sheri Hill Bee, Vicki Janis, Joann Bishop, Judy Lawry and Lyn McQuerry.

Sheri Hill's Bee, Joann Bishop, Judy Lawry, Lyn McQuerry.

Carol Whiteside, Quilting Bee Hostess.

Carol Whiteside's Bee, Claudia Evans and Marjie Butterworth.

Carol Whiteside's Bee, Claudia Evans and Hiroko Moriwaki.

Carol Whiteside's Bee, Joann Bishop and Nancy Bloyer.

Mary Freedman helps appliqué the backart.

Finished back

Close up of Board Members signature umbrella.

President Sharon Whelan and husband Dan.

Past President Nancy Ota (quilt coordinator) introduces the creators of the quilt. L-R Sue Richardson, Marcia Faultersack, Nancy Ota and Jan Hirth.

Outgoing President Sharon Whelan (seated), husband Dan, Mary Freedman, Lyndy Dye, Nancy Bloyer, Maggie Bell.

Maggie bell, Barbara McFarland, Judy Dunlap, Barbara Seidel, Sue Richardson.

Maggie Bell, Barbara McFarland, Judy Dunlap, Barbara Seidel, Marjie Butterworth, Sue Richardson.

Sharon Whelan, Dan Whelan, Lyndy Dye, Jane Salem, Mary Freedman, Marjie Butterworth, Nancy Bloyer, Hiroko Moriwaki, Maggie Bell, Janis Schonfeld, Barbara McFarland, Judy Dunlap, Carol Whiteside, Barbara Seidel, Joann Bishop. Sue Richardson, Marcia Faultersack, Nancy Ota.

Back row: Barbara Ann Christensen, Jane Salem, Marjie Butterworth, Hiroko Moriwaki, Janis Schonfeld, Barbara McFarland, Judy Dunlap, Barbara Seidel, Sue Richardson. Front: Sharon Whelan, Dan Whelan, Connie Veldkamp, Mimi Harris, Sheri Hill, Sharon Dowlan, Carol Whiteside, Nafsi Martin, Joann Bishop, Marcia Faultersack, Becky Reed, Barbara Trulis.

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