November Fest 2012 Opportunity Baskets

Photos of the Opportunity Baskets available at the November Fest 2012 are shown below.

November Fest 2012 Opportunity Baskets

Everything 30's

Members and sponsors have given generously to provide over 50 valuable opportunity baskets for our fundraiser. Everything 30's, est value $300/Threads of Friendship.

Origami Money Tree

Origami Money Tree/$100 Around the Block Friendship Group.

Origami Money Tree

Close up/Origami Money Tree.

Wool Gatherer's

Wool Gatherer's Basket.

Wool Gatherer's

Wool Gatherer's $200.

Calico House Basket

Calico House Basket $100.

Sharon Whelan

Sharon Whelan our Fest Leader, helps sort donations.

Sumi Maruyama and Wendy McCalley

Sumi Maruyama and Wendy McCalley are measuring the hundreds of yards of fabric donated.

Hiroko Moriwaki and President Jan Hirth

Hiroko Moriwaki and President Jan Hirth itemizing basket contents.

Nancy Ota

Nancy Ota, basket co-chair, assembles a basket.

Appliquér's Delight

Appliquér's Delight basket is stuffed with fabric, books and notions.

Christmas basket

Christmas basket with cherished items.


Hoffman donated many batiks that total 26 yards and valued at over $400.

Manicure and Pedicure

Manicure and Pedicure certificate, Bead Lady pin, French General fabric, and more.

Hearts Galore

Hearts Galore.

Cannon gift certificate

Cannon gift certificate and Bead Lady pin by Karen Cunagin.

Night Out

Night Out with Bling and Watercolor gift certificate to Chart House.

Baskets waiting

Baskets waiting to be made pretty.

Sewing Essentials

Sewing Essentials.


Dots - Dots - Dots.

Pretty things

Pretty things.

Sewing Cabinet

Sewing Cabinet with notions.

Tea Party

Tea Party.

Hoffman kit

Hoffman kit plus more.

Fun fabrics

Fun fabrics.

Wendy Mathson tools

Wendy Mathson tools and more.

Lunch with Mary Engelbreit.

Christmas with Alberon

Christmas with Alberon.

Mary Freedman

Mary Freedman, Basket Co-Chair prepared bows and led her group to wrap over 50 baskets.

Vickie Janis and Sheri Hill

Vickie Janis and Sheri Hill prepare items for wrapping.

Nafsi Martin

Nafsi Martin adds finishing touches.

Linda Rigdon

Linda Rigdon prepares a fun basket.

Lining them up

Lining them up.


Yay! All done and we are still smiling :-)

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