November Fest 2010 Basket Wrap

Photos of wrapping Opportunity Baskets for the November Fest 2010 are shown below.

November Fest 2010 Basket Wrap

Jane Salem, Joann Bishop, Marjie Butterworth, Maggie Bell Sorting, selecting, listing, and wrapping.

Mary Jayne Bellamy, Mary Freedman.

Opportunity Baskets waiting to be identified.

Mary Freedman preparing bows while Joann takes over wrapping the basket.

Mary Freedman and one of her many masterpieces!

Marjie Butterworth worked hard, but only wanted the top of her head to show in the picture.

Sharon Pembrook curling a ribbon on a finished basked (notice the light blue framed paper - it has the inventory of what is in the basket)

Nancy Ota with a finished basket ready for the "hallway" to await being picked up on 11-8-10.

"Pink" basket containing, among other items, the pink quilt book and pink cook book donated by Rosie's Calico Cupboard. Also visible, one of the 8" t

Kathie Bellamy checking out the baskets after the first day of wrapping. We did have two more mornings of fun at the Wrap House.

Mary Jayne Bellamy finds it difficult to decide how much we can stuff each basket.

Mary Freedman and Maggie Bell think the members will have a really fun time November 9.

Sharon Pembrook and Joann Bishop. We actually had many more hands involved, but we were too busy to take pictures. So far two wrap sessions and man.

Sharon Pembrook and Marjie Butterworth wrapping. Nancy Ota with donations from Nana's.

Joann Bishop with a donation from Capistrano Sew and Vac.

Sumi Maruyama is tying the content labels created by Nancy Bloyer. Easy to see what is inside and who helped fill it.

Julie Maben, Julie Vlahos and Mary Jayne Bellamy trying to decide how to fill this basket.

Sharon Pembrook said her husband could not believe how many baskets we were filling. Kathie Bellamy just delivered more books from sponsors and Julie Vlahos is having fun filling the basket.

Maggie Bell donated another picnic basket. This one with wine glasses and even a possible table cloth. Joann Bishop and Mary Jayne Bellamy are writing the list of contents and wrapping.

Sharon Whelan brought us boxes. Joann Bishop is preparing the bags that will hold the chances to win the Op Baskets.

Sharon Whelan is our President. Joann Bishop is our Program VP. Joann is preparing the chance bags decorated by Jeannie Bassett.

Sharon Whelan is ooohing and aaahing our op baskets. We have 67 baskets!

Nancy, Suki, Cindy and Candy. Cindy picked up the baskets designated for table #9.

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