First Meeting May 2009

Photos from the very first meeting of Surfside Quilters Guild are shown below.

First Meeting May 2009

Nancy Ota

President Nancy Ota opens the meeting.

Sharon and Del

1st VP Programs, Sharon Whelan introducing our inaugural speaker, Del Thomas

Cindy Croucher

3rd VP Membership, Cindy Croucher greeting our guests

San Clemente Presbyterian Church

San Clemente Presbyterian Church

Del Thomas

Del Thomas showing the Thomas Contemporary Quilt Collection. "Conversations on the Porch" by Ruth B. McDowell, "Structured Chaos" by Beth Carney, "Summer Lily" by Ruth B. McDowell

Del Thomas

Del Thomas at the podium

Joan and Pamela

Copper Tree by Joan Colvin, Getting My Ducks in a Row by Pamela Allen.



Helen and Jan

Helen Moser and Jan Hirth. Jan is the Block of the Month creator.

Mary and Sharon

Mary Freedman and Sharon Milledge selling chances on the Monthly Mini.

Hiroko and Sumi

Hiroko Moriwaki and Sumi Maruyama. Sumi is selling patterns for Ways and Means.

Sue and Betty

Sue Haw and Betty Prottas forming Friendship Groups.

Diane Collins

Diane Collins selling signature bricks for our first opportunity quilt, Stars of Surfside.

Lexi, Lyndy, Barbara & Kris

Lexi Kouzelos, Lyndy Dye, Barbara Welzenbach and Kris Kouzelos. Lyndy is in charge of the Logo Contest.

Nancy, Sharon and Mary

President Nancy Ota, donor of the Monthly Mini picks the winner with Sharon Milledge and Mary Freedman.

Yachi Monarrez & Nancy Ota

1st mtg Monthly Mini winner, Yachi Monarrez with maker Nancy Ota. Yachi Monarrez came by train from her home in Los Angeles.

Kathy Bellamy

Kathy Bellamy, VP of Facilities.

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